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If you are planning on visiting Port Douglas soon, and you’re flying into Cairns Airport, why not get a ride straight to the city from a professional transportation service? Calling a taxi is expensive and renting a car is a huge hassle, but a service like Oasis Transport is in business specifically for Port Douglas airport transfers, and we’re both affordable and convenient so that you can start your business trip or holiday off right. Located in Palm Cove, which is halfway in between Port Douglas and the airport, Oasis Transport is an Australian-owned company that will get you to your destination quickly, safely, affordably and reliably.

Everything You Need to Know About Oasis Transport

We have been operating Port Douglas transfers for approximately six years, and in that time we have perfected our service to make it the cheapest way to travel back and forth between Port Douglas and Cairns Airport. We offer two transfer options – Premium Economy and Business Class, the latter of which is a private ride with no wait time. The waits with Premium Economy are not typically very long, but Business Class is perfect if you’re on a strict time schedule. All of our vehicles have seat belts and air conditioning, and each comes with seating for children seven and under free of charge. We focus on offering a more personalised service – your driver will meet you at the designated luggage collection area with a sign bearing your name, making the whole process very simple and easy.

Why Hire Airport Transfers in Port Douglas?

You have a few options if you’re flying into Port Douglas without your own car:

  1. Rent a car
  2. Hire a taxi
  3. Get an airport transfer

Whether you’re a frequent or one-time traveller, you’ll find that airport transfers are the best choice for many reasons. Just examine your other option – car rentals are expensive, time-consuming and complicated. If you’ve never visited the area before, you’ll have to deal with traffic and unfamiliar territory after just getting off of a tiring flight, adding a ton of unnecessary hassle to your trip. Taxis come with inconveniences – impersonal service, the trouble of having to flag down the cab in the first place, and high rates for the trip to Port Douglas are all things that can be avoided.

However, airport transfers with Oasis Transport give you nothing but benefits. We will get out of the car and meet you personally, give you an affordable ride into the city during which you can sleep, sightsee or check your emails, and deliver you right to your destination with no hassle at all. We encourage you to book a Port Douglas transfer on our website as soon as you book your flight so that you can focus on all the more entertaining non-transfer-related parts of your trip and get to planning! We’ll be thrilled to have you aboard.

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